COVID Nasal Spray Trials At Newcastle Lab Moves To Phase 2

January 2022 estimated completion date

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A nasal spray could soon be deployed as another source of defence against COVID, after an announcement of phase two studies has been greenlighted in Newcastle.

 Researchers at University of Newcastle had previously underwent phase one tests of a spray that could protect people from respiratory diseases such as COVID19 and influenza.

The treatment of the spray was developed to help boost the immune system against the common cold and flu, while also helping prevent serious lung disease.

It was discovered by researchers at the Newcastle Uni lab to help reduce shedding of COVID-19 during a pre-clinical study.

Associate Professor Nathan Bartlett from the University of Newcastle said the development will be welcomed by all once further studies are conducted.

“We discovered that INNA-051 is very effective at priming the airways to more rapidly and effectively respond to a viral infection,” Prof Bartlett said.

“HMRI’s proof of concept data was instrumental in ensuring the treatment was ideally placed to be tested against the virus that causes COVID-19,” he said.

The Phase 1 study in Sydney will be complete early next year, and set to be administered to healthy adults aged 18 to 85.

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7 October 2021

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