Covid Positive Truck Driver Made Several Stops In South Australia

Spurrier calls it a "wake up call"

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It’s been revealed, a New South Wales truck driver in his twenties, who travelled to 10 different locations across South Australia last week had received one dose of the Pfizer vaccine. 

One of the locations was Penong Caltex, which is a Tier One exposure site: Anyone who went to this location should get a test and isolate for 14 days. 

The man spent September 15th and 16th in South Australia before heading to Western Australia on the 16th, then back to South Australia on the 18th before returning to New South Wales where he tested positive for the virus. Authorities are treating the case as infectious for each day he spent in South Australia.

Chief Health Officer Nicola Spurrier says it's a wake-up call for South Aussies. 

“It’s exactly why in our state we have to be very mindful of the high risk in NSW and Victoria at the moment. Any symptoms get tested. You must be QR checking in no matter where you live in the state,” Spurrier said.

A full list of the exposure sites can be found on the SA Health website. 

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Triple M Newsroom

23 September 2021

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