Covid Vaccine Mandate For FIFO And Mining Industry Workers

No jab, no job

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A new vaccine mandate has been announced for the mining and resource sector.

From December 1, all FIFO staff will be required to have at least one jab, and then be fully vaccinated by January.

Covid vaccine mandate for FIFO and mining industry workers

Warren Pearce of the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies said there are workers who are hesitant to get the jab, but there is plenty of time to get informed by medical professionals.

“There absolutely will be people in our workforce who are concerned about getting a vaccination, or uncertain about getting vaccinated, and the fact that this doesn’t now come in until December means that those workers have the time to actually consult a medical professional or GP, learn more about the situation, and get the right information.”

The Mining and Exploration boss went on to say, a Covid related shutdown would cause significant to everyone associated with the industry.

“Mine sites have hundreds of employee sometimes thousands, if you have to shut down one of those operations for a period of weeks, that’s a period of time where thousands of workers aren’t being paid, significant amounts of product isn’t being produced, and obviously the revenues and royalties that aren’t being generated.”

Epidemiologist Professor Catherine Bennett said other WA residents should follow suit because now is the time to get vaccinated.

“Time without virus in the community is the perfect time to be vaccinating people so you’re ready, it’s not even about when you choose to open your domestic borders let alone your international borders. It’s actually the virus that might dictate that.”

It comes after the State’s vaccination rate has slowed in the past week.

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5 October 2021

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