Covid Wave In Tasmania Is Imminent Says Hobart Policy Analyst

Sobering research is revealed

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New research from a Hobart Policy Analyst has shown a wave of Covid will infect the state if it’s opened up to NSW and Victoria when they are 80% vaccinated. 

The concern is mounting over the fact that the Delta variant is still spreading among those double jabbed. 

The author Martin Goddard offered his thoughts on how NSW and Victoria faired with the latest Covid Delta variant outbreaks.

“They’re good at preventing disease and death but with the Delta variant they’re not as good as we thought they would be at preventing vaccinated people from getting infected and then transmitting that virus to somebody else,” he said.

Goddard says the research is proof herd immunity could prove impossible.

Meanwhile, following news an infected 15-year-old broke out of hotel quarantine, the chances of more cases in the state are high. 


As it stands, the teenager has 17 primary close contacts and 35 casual contacts, after he escaped quarantine and went to an IGA in Launceston. 

As several test results are pending, the state will have to wait out another two weeks to find out if it is Covid free or not.

Acting Police Commissioner Donna Adams says the quarantine breach will be investigated. 

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Triple M Newsroom

6 October 2021

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