Gun Ownership the Target of WA Police

Operation Bluesun is set to get underway

7 November 2018

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WA Police Force has initiated Operation Bluesun to tackle the ongoing issue of illicit firearms
in the Western Australian community.

Bluesun will be a multi-phased effort to remove illicit firearms from the community while also
promoting the secure storage of licensed firearms.

“Bluesun is about police and the community working together to maintain the safety and
security we already enjoy,” Regional WA Commander Jo McCabe said.

“Firearms incidents are unusual in Western Australia but there have been a number of recent
events that have heightened our concerns.

“These incidents are frequently a result of criminals’ nefarious dealings with other criminals
but there is always a risk that an innocent member of the public will be affected by firearmrelated
crimes. This is precisely why we have initiated Bluesun.”

An Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission report estimated there are 260,000 firearms
on the national illicit market.

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