Creating A Doggy First-Aid Kit

Keeping your pooch safe at home

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If you are a dog owner and your pooch hurts themselves, there are things you can do to prevent infection, and maybe even a trip to the vet.

Dr. Lynne Bodell from Lynne Bodell’s Veterinary Clinic says that simple over-the-counter items can be used to keep your pets wounds clean while they heal.

“For something like a small injury I would have just bandage material on hand, the Elastoplast, cotton wool and gauze and something like Manuka honey which is a really good dressing that you can put on and it’s antibacterial” Dr. Bodell said.

She did warn though, if you’re putting a bandage on your pet to make sure it’s not on too firmly to prevent cutting off the bloody supply and doing more damage.

There are also a number of human medications that you can give to dogs, but Dr. Bodell warns that cats need a different course of action.

“You can for dogs, and I stress this is for dogs, never ever ever for a cat, can you use paracetamol occasionally, it’s best to also check with your vets the dose rate but paracetamol is okay in dogs” Dr. Bodell said.

Dr. Bodell says that having a first aid kit at home for your pets is important but you shouldn’t hesitate to give the clinic a call if you have any questions or concerns about your pet.

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14 May 2020

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