Cricket Australia Comments On Big Bash Expansion

The head of the BBL has spoken

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14 January 2017

Cricket News

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Cricket Australia has no immediate plans to expand the Big Bash League despite its runaway success.

The BBL has attracted huge crowd and TV audiences since its move to Channel 10, but the current plan is so stick with the eight team structure.

"There are a number of different options available to us and we are starting to explore some of those," head of the Big Bash Anthony Everard told Fairfax Media

"Whether it's additional games from the existing teams or potentially introducing new teams, although that's not really on the agenda for the next few years."

"We're actually of the view that there's still plenty of upside available under the existing format and structure.”

Ben Amarfio, executive general manager of media, communications and marketing at Cricket Australia, said that the competition is likely to expand via more games before more teams.

"From a competition-integrity point of view, you would probably want to play a complete home-and-away series, but that would be 24 more games," he told Fairfax. 

"At the moment, we're only playing 35 plus finals. So that is a lot of extra content that you have to get away, and we're already cramped, and already overlapping and bumping into ourselves ...

"I think you might see us slowly putting our toe in the water and slowly adding a few extra BBL games to the schedule – games, not teams, in the short term."

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