Croc In Captivity Failed To Mate For 46 Years Because His Dick's Too Small

Feel for ya homie.

Ryan Warren

29 January 2019

Ryan Warren

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Spare a thought for a crocodile that's in captivity that hasn't been able to mate with it's partner of nearly 50 years because it's gear is too small.

Hektor the crocodile and his mate Luiza have been together for 46 years in a Polish zoo without ever conceiving any offspring.

This caught the curiosity of the local vets who were perplexed as to why, after 46 years of "vociferous mating", they hadn't produced any baby crocs.

Luiza would produce eggs ready to be fertilised by Hector, but the job would never get done.

Turns out, after putting Hector under sedation, that his penis wasn't big enough to penetrate far enough into the egg to fertilise it.

Malgorzata Chodyla, a representative from the zoo, said: "Our staff had no idea what was the reason for the failure. The truth only came to light during the visit of specialist doctors from Germany."

"Hektor needed a lot of research and consultation from a gastrologist because he did not have any appetite.

"It turned out he was fine. However, the reason for his infertility came to light. The doctors said it was not surprising that Hektor's efforts were futile, because his willy is too small.

"Hektor is always very loud and hundreds of visitors come to see him moan and groan."

Poor Hector, now everyone knows of his issues.

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