Daisy Defends Lachie Neale Following Trade Request

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Dale Thomas shared his thoughts on Lachie Neale's reported trade request back to Fremantle, which emerged after the Lions' semi-final loss to the Bulldogs.

"It caught every single person at the Brisbane Lions off guard." Barrett explained.

Thomas defended Neale in this situation, condemning the media commentary and scrutiny around Neale's reasoning; wanting to start a family with his pregnant wife in Western Australia.

"Yes the timing is not great. But if you want to go for family reasons, whatever they are ... especially with the times we're going through with COVID." Thomas said.


"I cannot believe how archaic the views of some of these people."

Discussing the lack of extended family support since the pandemic, Daisy believes he has every right to request the move, highlighting the importance of player welfare 

"First child, needing support. It blows my mind how dumb some people's views are." 

"I agree, I've been staggered by the lack of compassion and empathy in this situation" Montagna weighed in.

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8 September 2021

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