Daisy & Joey's Solution To Ease Congestion In Footy

On Dead Set Legends

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On Triple M's Dead Set Legends yesterday morning, former AFL stars Dale Thomas and Leigh Montagna discussed their solutions to ease congestion in footy. 

Following the latest AFL rule changes in an attempt to open up the game Daisy & Joey shared their thoughts on what they think needs to happen to create more free flowing footy and higher scoring. 


Joey and Daisy both declared that they were happy with the state of the game, but their suggestions were in response to the AFL rule changes. 

The boys both agreed that reducing the amount of players on the field to 16 aside was the best way to open things up. 

They also believe that extending the interchange to 6 players and extending rotations so players are fresher will also help the pace of the game and the ball speed for four quarters. 

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22 November 2020

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