Daisy's Favourite AAMI Clangers For 2021

Very good!

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"As soon as you say something, there's almost a pause- you know you've said it, then the giggles start and that's when you know you're absolutely cooked!"

The AAMI Clangers has brought plenty of laughs to Triple M Footy in 2021, and Daisy Thomas has put together his top clangers of the season to have the team in stitches!

The Triple M team featured throughout, with Nathan Brown, Brian Taylor, Mark Howard and Jay Clark all unable to escape the clangers clutches.

Daisy however conveniently left out his own stuff ups, and Joey wasn't going to let him off!


This a cracking lowlights package packed full of gold!

Catch the best bits from Triple M Footy! 

12 September 2021

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