Daisy Thomas On Toby Greene's Suspension

On the Trade Tracker podcast.

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Dale Thomas told Triple M Footy's Trade Tracker podcast that he thinks Toby Greene has been harshly dealt with by the AFL appeals board. 

Greene had his three match ban upgrade to six weeks for making contact with umpire Matt Stevic in the elimination final against Sydney. 

"I just find this one pretty confusing to be completely honest with you," Thomas said. 

"I think that Toby Greene has certainly become the poster boy of  what you can't do in the AFL." 


"If feel for Toby, because I don't think they are exactly looking at the incident and the evidence given in this particular example.

"Matt Stevic said the behaviour in the moment didn't feel like it was agressive, demonstrative or disrespectful which were the three charges put against Toby. 

"I don't have any issues with the fact that you can't touch an umpire, i'm certainly not saying that, it needs to be stamped out.

"But I feel a little bit sorry for Toby Greene in the fact that again he seems to be the poster boy for this."  

Daisy & Sarah Olle also discussed if it impacts Greene's chances of taking over the captaincy. 

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8 October 2021

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