Dale Lewis Says Adelaide Is Low Balling Tom Lynch On His Contract Offer

'We can't go through this again'

Rudi Edsall

19 February 2018

Rudi Edsall

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Adelaide had a fractious off-season, with star defender Jake Lever leaving to go and play with Melbourne amongst suggestions that the Crows had offered him a meagre contract to stay.

Speculation is set to hit Adelaide again in this year’s trade period, with Rory Sloane and Tom Lynch amongst the big names out of contract.

Speaking on Triple M Adelaide’s The Rush Hour today, Dale Lewis said that he had some mail that Lynch’s contract is getting low-balled similarly to how Lever’s allegedly was.

Listen to Louie’s mail here:


“Out of contract at the moment, Rory Sloane, Rory Laird, Tom Lynch,” Louie said to Andrew Jarman.

“In your expert opinion, Sloaney going nowhere, any deal will be done sooner rather than later.

“And Tom Lynch, who is probably the most important player out of those three when it comes to game style for the Adelaide Crows… there’s a bit of mail around that you (the Crows, who Jars used to play for) might have grabbed out the old low-baller again, the old Jake Lever.”

“You might be low-ballin, trying to save your pennies for the Sloane-dog.”

Jars didn’t love hiring the news.

“No, we can’t go through this again!” he said.

“Don’t you low-ball and fresh air this man,” Louie said.

“He’ll walk, Lynchy.

“You can’t afford to lose another one, otherwise you will be officially known as the Adelaide Low Ballers!”

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