Damian Barrett Gives Some Details On How The Coronavirus Will Affect Player Payments

Players like Jeremy Cameron affected

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Damian Barrett had some news on the Saturday Rub today about how the coronavirus crisis will affect player contracts moving forward.


“The really big one is the players,” Damo said.

“They’ve obviously got deals, there’s two years remaining of a collective bargaining arrangement, it has to be revisited, there’s an acknowledgement of that being the case.

“Forgot what people are saying publicly, they need to revisit it.

But to what level, Duck, do they cut the players salaries?

“The 20% that’s being talked about between all clubs, the players don’t want it to be that high.

“There’s some people at club land, and inclusive of AFL officialdom, who may think it needs to be even higher than 20% of existing contracts across the board, so that’s not going to be easily resolved.”

Damo said some players will be hurting significantly more than others.

“Jeremy Cameron this year is the one hurting must when it comes to that,” he said.

“He signed a long-term deal. The deal itself is the number, but unfortunately for him and the way he’s… staggered [the deal], he is copping most of that money this year, and as such, he’s losing more than any other player.”

Damo said the middle tier of players is likely to suffer the deepest cuts.

“I think when it settles out, Duck, there will be the million dollar player,” he said.

“To me it’s the middle tier of player, the one currently getting $400,000-650,000 now, that range.

“That’s the one that’s really gonna hurt.”

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Rudi Edsall

30 May 2020

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Rudi Edsall

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