Damian Barrett On The Possibility Of Dustin Martin Going To Sydney

From the Midweek Rub

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Damian Barrett addressed the possibility of Dustin Martin making the move to Sydney — the city, rather than the team necessarily — on the Midweek Rub today.


"Peggy O’Neal spoke quite recently… she’d said that Dusty had said to her that he will serve out his two years remaining, but he might change his mind, or people might change their mind," Damo said.

"Then we saw yesterday Damien Hardwick — out of nowhere effectively — say he could, with his blessing, go to Sydney should he want to.

"I mean there’s something going on in that situation, and it is, I think, linked to the six weeks Dusty had off, and what sort of conversations were required to get him back to play… there’s a conversation clearly being had of sorts that could have him in Sydney next year."

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Rudi Edsall

18 May 2022

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Rudi Edsall

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