Bulldogs Are “In A Really Bad Place”

Damo doesn't see improvement from 2017

26 March 2018

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Triple M Footy’s Damian Barrett believes the Western Bulldogs are “in a really bad place” and it’s “embarrassing” for anyone to think they can make the finals this year after their round one shellacking.

The Doggies started the year in the worst possible fashion, losing to Greater Western Sydney by 82 points at Manuka Oval on Sunday.

Compounding things for the club was premiership midfielder Tom Liberatore rupturing the ACL in his right knee and requiring a knee reconstruction. 

The issues surrounding some of their big name recruits, and the off-field dramas involving key figures such as Peter Gordon and Susan Alberti, have only added to the Bulldogs’ plight, according to Damo.

“They’re in a really, really bad place,” Damo told Triple M’s Rush Hour

“They lost the last three games last year which is why round one this year becomes, I think, a continuation of what we saw last year – it’s not just the isolation of one game. 

“We see them lose by 82 points to GWS, there’s issues with big name players, big name recruits (Josh) Schache and (Tom) Boyd not able to get in (the team). 

“Peter Gordon bluing with Susan Alberti, Peter Gordon taking Katie Brennan’s issue to the Human Rights Commission – I still can’t get my head around that - and ‘Libber’ (Liberatore) is down, that’s a serious issue.

“And Easton Wood. It lasted one quarter the (forward) experiment in an AFL premiership season sense. He was moved back to the backline. 

“If you have a look at the packaged-up video of some of those passages of play (against GWS), it’s really embarrassing for anyone connected to the Bulldogs to think that they’re going to do anything this year based upon that.”

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