Dangerous Dave Celebrates 25 Years In Radio

Love ya Dave!

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This weekend marked a massive 25 years in radio for our very own Dangerous Dave.

He is a much loved member of the Triple M family and is the heart and soul of what we're all about. So we've compiled some highlights from Dange's quarter of a century behind the mic.

And, while we're at it, we also thought we’d compile a collection of embarrassing photos of him in the past 25 years. He wasn't always so Dangerous:


He still wears this in the studio sometimes.


Early days

You'd think Dave might have at least worn the right band t-shirt.

You call that a salute?

"Hello? Yes, this is the line for Duck, Duck, Bruce..."

Putting the danger in Dangerous. 

Dave is so Triple M this is his actual car.


Thanks for the last 25 years and looking forward to the next 25!

20 January 2017

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