Danny Green: 'I'm Tired Of Anthony Mundine's Bullshit'

"I don't give a rat's arse"

17 February 2017

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Danny Green has hit out at Anthony Mundine and the media, saying race had nothing to do with their fight.

Speaking on The Weekend Breakfast with Seb Costello, Green flattened any suggestion about race relating to their fight two weeks ago, in which Green was victorious.

"It wasn't, it was two blokes versus another," he said.

"I was tired of the bullshit coming out of the media's mouth, I was tired of the bullshit coming out of Anthony Mundine's mouth, calling me white, calling me this, calling me that.

"'He's a black fella, I'm a white fella' - it has nothing to do with that. It was two blokes who dislike each other.

"It doesn't matter, we all bleed red. I don't give a rat's arse. And I was tired of hearing it come out of his mouth and I was tired of hearing it come out of the media's mouth, so I just wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page after the event - this is just a fight between two blokes, doesn't matter what colour or religion or race."

Green also passed off suggestions the result of the fight was in doubt.

"No, absolutely not," he said. "That's why I raised my hand when there was five seconds to go in the fight."

He pointed to the independent stats from the commentary box, saying they all pointed in his favour.

"It's kinda cool because you get the commentary box punch stats from America, and these guys, they do...all the big fights anywhere in the world and they have a very accurate reading, and it's an independent body that gives an accurate reading of very punch thrown and every punch landed, from jabs to power punches," he said.

"I threw 605 punches. Mundine threw 356. so I nearly doubled his output, which is huge.

"And I landed 21 more punches, so I threw a lot more - I almost doubled the punches - and I landed more. And I actually landed - and this is a significant stat - I landed more power punches.

"That's the key. And it's there in black and white. And three judges, not one judge had him winning the fight...it's conclusive."

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