Danny Green Takes Aim At Commentators Of His Anthony Mundine Fight

"Should hand their resignations in"

18 February 2017

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Danny Green has taken aim at the commentators from his fight with Anthony Mundine, saying they called the match too much in Mundine's favour.

Speaking on The Weekend Breakfast with Seb Costello, Green had a dig at the match's commentators, Gerard Whateley and Ted Cofie.

"It's unfortunate when you hear the commentary of Gerard Whateley and Ted Cofie...they should hand their resignations in from boxing," he said.

"I was hitting him, and they were talking through me hitting him, then he tagged me with a shot and they would just jump up and down and go 'oh my God, what a fantastic shot'.

"It's a bit sad to hear them go on like that, but that's the way she rolls - history books will go down and people who know what happened saw what happened...(they were) saying how good (Mundine) was throughout his whole career and he couldn't take out a guy who was severely concussed.

"I just proved, mate: I'm the better fighter, that's it."

Green pointed to the official stats to back his assessment of the fight.

"I threw 605 punches. Mundine threw 356. So I nearly doubled his output, which is huge," he said.

"And I landed 21 more punches, so I threw a lot more - I almost doubled the punches - and I landed more. And I actually landed - and this is a significant stat - I landed more power punches.

"That's the key. And it's there in black and white. And three judges, not one judge had him winning the fight...it's conclusive."

He laughed off suggestions Mundine might appeal the result.

"He can do what he wants, mate," he laughed. "The fight's over, mate, I won the fight."
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