Darkinjung Welcomes New Planning Measures

Better economic outcomes expected

6 February 2019

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Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council (Darkinjung) today welcomed an announcement by the Minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts, regarding a suite of pioneering planning measures to help Darkinjung achieve better economic outcomes from its land.


The Darkinjung Delivery Framework (DDF) proposes eight interrelated actions to help Darkinjung to develop its land, allow greater self-determination for the Darkinjung community, and encourage better social and economic results from its land.


“We gathered here today to look to a brighter and more prosperous future, made possible by the suit of measures approved by the Honourable Minister for Planning, Mr Anthony Roberts,” said Darkinjung Chairperson, Matthew West.


“These are measures made possible in the spirit of reconciliation by the Department of Planning and Housing and Darkinjung coming together to understand what we see as the future for the Central Coast,” he continued.


The package includes a State Environmental Planning Policy (Aboriginal Land) 2019 (SEPP), a Ministerial Direction, an Interim Darkinjung Development Delivery Plan, and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining how Darkinjung and the NSW Government will work together.


“It is a very proud moment to stand here with the Darkinjung people and deliver these inventive measures that will help benefit their communities and the entire Central Coast region,” said Minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts.


Matthew West said that the measures announced by the Minister today create certainty of cultural and environmental preservation for the future of Darkinjung’s approximately 3,700 hectares of land. He stated that this initiative will also help generate employment and economic growth within the Central Coast community.


“Our development agenda will see the northern growth corridor of Wyong developed along it’s naturally occurring boundary. This will help to generate jobs and business opportunities in a community ready and willing to share in the economic success so abundant in New South Wales at present,” he continued.


Coordinator General for the Central Coast, Lee Shearer, said the package implements a key Direction of the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 (Regional Plan): strengthening the economic self-determination of Aboriginal communities.


“The Regional Plan recognises that encouraging Aboriginal people to gain economic benefit from their land will support broader regional development, environmental and social outcomes,” Ms Shearer said.


Darkinjung is one of 120 Local Aboriginal Land Councils in NSW established under the Aboriginal Land Rights (ALR) Act 1983.


The ALR Act was passed by the NSW Parliament to establish a network of Aboriginal Land Councils to acquire and manage land as an economic base for Aboriginal communities, as compensation for historic dispossession and in recognition of their ongoing disadvantage.

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