Dashcam Captures Intense Road Rage Punch On

Viewers slam incident

Triple M Newsroom

6 December 2017

Triple M Newsroom

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A dashcam has captured the tense moment two men have clashed on a busy road in northern Sydney.

Shared to the Dash Cam Australia Facebook page, the incident was reportedly recorded in Terrey Hills by a driver named Duncan.

The scuffle sees the driver of a BMW sedan punching and wrestling with the driver of a silver Skoda sedan in front.

After one of the businessman puts the other into a headlock, the nasty incident quickly winds up and both men return to their vehicles.

Clocking up over 71,000 views and hundreds of comments, many have criticised the behaviour of the two men across social media.

"I'm so sick of seeing this type of rubbish on Australia's roads the law needs to make the punishment fit the crime," wrote one commentator.

"If caught in a road rage situation your car should be towed you should lose your licence for a period of no less than 12 months with a $5,000 fine perhaps this will make people consider road rage is the wrong strategy."

Another said: "Absolutely childish behaviour."

You can check out the complete video below.



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