Dave Grohl Has Passed On His Concert Throne

To a musician in need

8 March 2019

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Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has never let something like a broken leg hold him back.

After all, who could forget his light-up throne that he performed on back in 2015, after breaking his leg in Sweden?

He's now passed the throne on, to a musician in need.

Old Dominion's Matthew Ramsey recently underwent leg surgery, and Grohl swooped in to provide a way to allow Ramsey to perform.

“So many jokes were thrown around about using Dave Grohl’s throne, finally we just decided to ask and see what happened,” Ramsey said in an interview with People. 

“I’m sure Dave didn’t know that when he created this thing, everyone would want to use it. But, it has been an honor to sit on, and more importantly, it’s allowing us to keep the show on the road.

Our fans are truly grateful. We owe him big for that.”  

The band are clearly stoked with the throne, as shown in this Instagram post:


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