David Pocock Says Federal Budget Lack Ambition, But Step In Right Direction

“A budget of missed opportunities”

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Independent ACT senator David Pocock says the Federal Budget delivered on Tuesday night is “a step in the right direction but lacking ambition”.

Mr Pocock, a strong advocate in the fight against climate change, said the budget lacked adequate investment into housing, environmental protections and welfare.

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Labor increased JobSeeker and other welfare payments by $40 a fortnight – 80 per cent than recommended by the government’s Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee.

Leading calls prior to the budget announcement for a substantial increase of welfare payments, Mr Pocock said the $40 wasn’t enough to support people out of poverty.

“Too often the government seems to be trying to get away with doing the bare minimum, rather than showing the ambition needed to tackle the crises we face,” Mr Pocock said.

“We’ve seen yet another budget that’s a step in the right direction but lacking in ambition.

“This is against the backdrop of an acute cost-of-living crisis where more and more Australians are struggling to afford the cost of essentials and make ends meet.”

Mr Pocock said with more and more Australians seeing the effects of climate change, the budget had the opportunity to invest in “[protecting] the people and places we love,” but again was another missed opportunity.

“Australians are also seeing the effects of climate change and demanding more leadership and action to protect the people and places we love. This challenge can only be turned into an opportunity if we make smart investments now,” he said.

“Now is the time to take bold action. This budget contains nothing of the scale needed for a substantial step in the right direction. 

“Tonight, the government had a budget chance to adopt expert advice and embark on the reforms needed to build the kind of future we want.”

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Tricia Mifsud

9 May 2023

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Tricia Mifsud

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