Dead Whale Prompts Lake Mac Shark Warning

There have been more shark sightings

12 November 2018

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Lifeguards are on alert after pieces of whale started washing up along Lake Macquarie's Nine Mile Beach.

There have been increased reports of shark sightings, raising concerns of a potential increase in shark activity off Redhead Beach and Blacksmiths Beach.

"Whale remains have washed up on the beach near Third Creek, so around 1500m south of the patrolled area," Lake Macquarie City Council Lifeguard boss Paul Stone said.

"It's baking there on the beach and is a little bit on the nose so we're worried that smell might be attracting additional animals to the area."

However lifeguards say there's no need for swimmers to be alarmed.

"We've had very few shark incidents over a very long period of time. There's more chance swimmers will get stuck in rips," Mr Stone said.

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