Deliveries To be Affected As Thousands Of Toll Drivers Strike This Friday

Disruptions are guaranteed

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A strike is expected at the Gold Coast Toll Depot in Arundel this Friday as part of a nationwide industrial action.

Over 7000 Toll workers nationwide are expected to boycott deliveries on Friday as part of a massive industrial action against the giant delivery chain.

News of the strike comes after conversations between the Transport Workers Union and Toll in regard to a new bargaining agreement fell through yesterday.

Delivery drivers are outraged after the freight giant opted to outsource work to contract drivers at lower rates.

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As a result of the “crisis talks” falling through, the TWU expects that more than 7,000 truck drivers will go on strike for 24 hours this Friday.

Businesses across the country will serve as collateral with massive disruptions expected for a handful of industries including beverage.

The TWU wants Toll to go back on their plans to outsource drivers for lower wages and less rights, to provide their current drivers with better job security and to increase annual wages my three percent.

Toll has countered with a two percent pay rise.

A massive 94 percent of Toll workers have voted for protected industrial action against the delivery business, which ahs since been given the okay by the Fair Work Commission.

Head of Toll subsidiary Global Express, Alan Beacham openly slammed the strike to the ABC for taking action amidst a global pandemic.

"Threatening industrial action at a time when our country is in the middle of a global pandemic is playing politics with people's lives and jobs,” he said.

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Georgie Marr

25 August 2021

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Georgie Marr

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