Deputy Premier Facing Conflict Of Interest Over Kangaroo Island Development

Day two of committee hearings

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The Deputy Premier will front a Parliamentary Committee on Wednesday to answer questions in regards to a conflict of interest on Kangaroo Island.

Vickie Chapman rejected a proposed a timber port saying it would have long-term impacts on the environment and local business in the area.

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It was later revealed the Deputy Premier owned land directly across from the forest that would have been removed under the plans that she vetoed.

Tuesday marked day one of hearings where Shadow Attorney-General Kyam Maher said that Chapman’s property could have been impacted if the development was given the green light.

“She made a decision based on the fact that she owned property across the road, which looks like a direct conflict of interest, and not only that, it looks like she may have misled Parliament as well.”
“She’s got hours today to try and explain why she didn’t have a conflict of interest, but if she can’t, based on proper ministerial standards, it looks like she’ll have to resign.”

The Deputy Premier insists that she made the call to stop the development due to environmental reasons.

She will have Wednesday to prove to the committee that it was not a conflict of interest.

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2 November 2021

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