Dig Out Those AA Batteries Because The Walkman Is Coming Back

Happy 40th birthday

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Believe it or not, it's been 40 years since we first welcomed the Sony Walkman into our lives - and ears.

And now, to celebrate the milestone birthday, our humble portable cassette player is getting not one but two slick upgrades: The Sony NW-A 100TPS and NW-A 105.

Just rolls off the tongue, hey?

Names aside, GQ notes that both models will run an Android OS and come with multiple hardware features to improve audio, including a vinyl processor for those who prefer to listen to music with a more authentically "vintage" sound.

While both will also come with USB charging ports, Bluetooth, 16GB storage and a 3.6" touch panel, the higher end NW-A 100 TPS also boasts a pretty sweet retro interface, made to look like a cassette tape, and a special case reminiscent of the original Walkman of yore.

The tricky bit? It'll set you back a cool $599, although the NW-A 105 will reportedly be set at a cheaper price point.

Here's a sweet little promo vid from Sony to get you in the mood.

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Deirdre Marie

12 September 2019

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Deirdre Marie

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