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Workshop Weds Aug 28

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The world is becoming increasingly entangled in digital technology. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and even smart televisions are becoming more commonplace and the functions they are can be incredibly helpful and time saving.

Take smartphones, where two people can have a face to face conversation with one another from other ends of the globe through Skype or Facetime applications. 

For some of us though, these digital outlets don't come naturally and sometimes technology can be intimidating. 

The Esperance Library provides a service with allows and folk, however digitally illiterate you are, to come in and ask questions about their handheld device or technological whatever, through the Digital Mentoring Program. 

Kim Maslin is helping to organise the event, she spoke on the Breaky Show at around 8 minutes into the following audio

To make the program work however, organisations are searching for volunteers to act as the 'Digital Mentors'.

Mentors will need the bare minimum of experience with technology, with amply training provided to get them up to the basics and teach mentoring and coaching techniques. The program is a wonderful opportunity to add to your skill-set:

  1. You will learn to teach others
  2. You will be networking
  3. You will be learning about new technologies as they come about through the training
  4. You will be giving back to the community!

To learn how to get involved (and to grab a free lunch) head to the Esperance Library on Wednesday, August 28 from midday for 45 minutes for a free information session. Oh, and did someone mention free lunch? (They did)


Sean Lindsay

22 August 2019

Article by:

Sean Lindsay

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