Dine And Discover Vouchers Extended Over School Holidays

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The New South Wales government is giving us more time to use our Dine and Discover vouchers.

Set to expire at the end of June, the four $25 dollar vouchers have now been extended until the end of next month July 30, which includes school holidays.

It comes after the data revealing less than half of the vouchers have been redeemed so far. 

5, 000, 000 have already been spent on food and beverages, 1, 200, 000 million at the movies and 370, 000 at museums and art galleries.

Dine and Discover vouchers extended: 

However, it seems that Newcastle and Lake Macquarie have used the vouchers the least, along with parts of Western Sydney.

Despite the slow uptake, more than 166, 000 vouchers have been used at Central Coast cafes, restaurants and clubs.

The government is still hoping that more people will redeem their vouchers and help out businesses that have been hit hard by COVID.

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9 June 2021

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