Dirty Deal Hatched Over A Pint At The Pub

Crime under the influence

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Queensland Police

On August 5 the Yeppoon Magistrates Court heard a fools plan to commit a robbery was brewed over a few beers at an Emerald pub.

A senior cattle station hand and another man he only knew as 'old mate' hatched up a plan to commit a robbery that came undone before it had rolled down the driveway.

The court heard that on June 19 about 8pm the duo went to a Mellish Crescent residence at Emerald and put a lawnmower, car jack, and a half-built motorcycle on the victim’s trailer.

Michael Neale Williamson then reversed his Toyota Landcruiser up the driveway and attached the stolen goods onto the vehicle only to be met at the end of the drive by Emerald police.

The 27yo's drinking mate and co-offender fled the scene on foot, while Mr Williamson was given a random breath test where he blew a blood-alcohol reading of .087.

With two previous drink-driving convictions and drug-related matters on his criminal record, Mr Williamson was fined $1800 and disqualified from driving for six months.

A conviction was recorded. 

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18 August 2021

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