Discover Bowen’s Hidden Gems

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4 December 2017

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Bowen is the halfway point between Townsville and Mackay. With 8 beaches surrounding the town, it is North Queensland’s little slice of heaven and here’s just a few reasons why… 

Snorkelling & relaxing… Horseshoe bay is famous for snorkeling experiences! Rated number 11 of 101 beaches in all of Australia. Crystal clear water, small waves and said to be one of the best swimming beaches on the Whitsunday coastline. Perfect for couples and young families.

Picnic, watch and wonder… 23.57 hectares of picturesque parkland in the center of Bowen is Mullers Lagoon. Birdwatcher hot spot with 176 species of bird life inhabits the area.

Cheese… A must-do when you are travelling is to snap some great pics with landmarks. What better landmark than this… THE Big Mango why not grab some refreshing and delicious mango sorbet?

Have a shot… at Bowen’s Golf Club. This may be a small town golf course but it is on prime real estate, right next to the beach! If you aren’t a golfer, enjoy the clubhouse bar and restaurant – a lovely afternoon for all.

History buffs will be in absolute heaven walking through the Summergarden Theatre, established in the 1940’s. Beautifully preserved, 77 years old with original décor. You can watch the latest movies and still get the classic experience of going to the ‘theatre’ without paying an arm and leg.


For more information on what this stunning holiday destination has to offer visit Visit Bowen Australia or Whitsundays QLD .

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