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Did the ‘Hectic Cheese’ do the Dolphins dirty? Storm hooker Brandon Smith has raised the ire of his current club by announcing his intentions to join the Roosters with Melbourne releasing a statement this afternoon admonishing his comments that also included mentions of the club's alleged drinking culture but the real questions remains, is the NRL’s newest franchise the real victim here?

Smith toured the Dolphins' Redcliffe facilities in recent weeks and according to NRL insider Dobbo the twenty-five-year-old led the newcomers to believe that he would be landing there in 2023.

Speaking this afternoon on The Rush Hour Queenslander Dobbo, who describes Smith as the ‘second-best hooker in the whole competition’, revealed that the Dolphins let go of pursuing Eel Reed Mahoney believing they were going to secure the Smith’s signature.

“…he (Smith) had given verbal guarantees that he was going to commit to the Dolphins and do a deal there”

“The Dolphins dropped off Reed Mahoney for the simple reason that they believed that they were going to Brandon Smith”.


Smith released his own statement on social media addressing the comments he made on the podcast and his use of foul language that featured a grand total of sixty-one f-words and three uses of the word c***.


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Nick Davis

30 November 2021

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Nick Davis

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