Domino's Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Check Your Pizza

But do robots have taste buds?

Troy Nankervis

8 November 2017

Troy Nankervis

Article heading image for Domino's Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Check Your Pizza

It sounds more like something out of Futurama but Domino’s has announced plans to start using artificial intelligence technology to assess the quality and tastiness of your pizza.

The “Domino’s Pizza Checker” will use a camera and AI system to judge the quality of your pizza and whether it gets to leave the shop for your tastebuds, the West Australian reports.

After snapping a picture of your pizza, the system will assess the ingredients, the toppings and even the temperature, before sending a copy to the store manager and customer – who can request a new pizza if it fails the quality test.

Domino’s chief executive Don Meij said Pizza Checker would improve standards across the board and see satisfied customers.

“It will dramatically improve the quality and consistency of handmade pizzas — cooked and cut to perfection,” he said.

The chain worked with ASX-listed Dragontail Systems alongside Google AI on the technology, which is set to be exclusively rolled out across Aussie stores in 2018, before launching overseas soon after.


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