Don’t Become A Summer Drowning Statistic This “Long” Weekend

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What’s great about a public holiday on a Thursday? Chucking a Friday sickie and score a CHEEKY 4 DAY LONG WEEKEND!

Or, sure! You could make a better call and put in for a legit leave day.

In any case, ‘Make the Right Call’ when you’re on, in, or near the water with your mates and families.

Research by Royal Life Saving Society – Australia shows that drowning deaths almost DOUBLE on public holidays and long weekends.

This summer, six people drowned on Christmas Day and Boxing Day alone, and more than three-quarters of those who have died over the summer period were male.

And if you’re thinking, ‘She’ll be right, we’re not going to the coast to get caught in a rip”…think again my friend! Inland waterways claim more lives than any other location, accounting for 40 per cent of all drowning deaths in Australia.

Royal Life Saving Chief Executive Officer Justin Scarr said there were three key things men could do to make sure they get home to their loved ones safely at the end of a great day out.

 “The biggest single factor is alcohol. If you’ve had a few drinks, your coordination levels drop and you lose your inhibitions,” Mr Scarr said.

 “In more than a quarter of all drowning deaths in inland waterways over the ten years to 2020/21, the person who drowned had a blood alcohol content reading of more than 0.05 per cent.

Lifejackets can make the difference between life and death. With the modern, comfortable design of lifejackets which doesn’t inhibit your recreational activities, there is really no excuse not to wear a lifejacket.

 “The third safety tip is not to go alone. Whenever you’re on, in, or near the water having someone with you to help in the event of an emergency is vital. Having a mate to help improves the odds of getting home safely.”

To make sure you enjoy the break safely, get all the info on Royal Life Saving Society – Australia’s ‘Make the Right Call’ HERE.

Royal Life Saving’s Make the Right Call campaign is supported by the Australian Government.

In association with Royal Life Saving Society

23 January 2023

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In association with Royal Life Saving Society

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