Don't Ignore The Wait Staff

Just Say Thanks

Cliff Reeve

16 January 2018

Cliff Reeve

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If you ever go to breakfast, lunch, dinner or just coffee with me you're likely to be berated by me if you ignore the person who brings the food or drinks.

How hard is it to, at the very least, acknowledge that person?

I've been with people who keep talking or whatever without so much as a thanks when the goodies arrive at the table and it really gets up my nose.

You may not know but worldwide this is designated as Be Kind To Food Servers Month. Good news!

Primarily it's come from America where wait staff are paid a pittance and work on tips to make ends meet,tipping is not really a wide spread practice in Australia but this is a different matter.

So, not just this month, every month into the future, when the food arrives at your table don't treat the server with such disrespect as to ignore their presence, a simple thanks will go a long way.

Put yourself in their position, how would you like it?

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