Dragons Players Jeopardise Entire NRL Competition

A Very Expensive Party

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Paul Vaughan has breached Covid rules once again, only this time he has helped 11 other teammates do the same. 

On Saturday July 3 at 9:40pm, police were called to Vaughan’s house due to a noise complaint.

He was caught hosting a barbeque for Blake Lawrie, Corey Norman, Daniel Alvaro, Gerard Beale, Kaide Ellis, Matt Dufty, Jack Bird, Josh Kerr, Tyrell Fuimaono and Zac Lomax. 

Dragons Violate Covid State Laws:

Paul Kent said,

“They’ve run the gauntlet and they’ve then been stupid enough for the police to be called. The levels of stupidity here… they haven’t stopped at one”.

As if a $10,000 fine and two week quarantine for Vaughan’s visit to an Illawarra cafe on the morning of a match against the Roosters hasn’t deterred him enough.   

Players have all been hit with a $1000 fine and have been banned from training until further notice.

It comes a week before the Dragons and Manly game on July 16.

Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys said,

“If there are others at the house, they’re going to be found out. We know that. So why don’t they just come forward and we tidy this up once and for all. I’ve got no doubt that the rugby league club and indeed the governing body will probably take some other action”.

The NRL integrity unit spent Sunday investigating all the players to ensure no additional people outside the club’s biosecurity bubble was at the barbeque.

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5 July 2021

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