Drivers Won't Be Stung By Dodgy Speed Limit Change

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23 March 2018

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Good news for drivers caught out by the speed limit change near the Stewart Avenue and Parry Street intersection in Newcastle. 

The RMS has confirmed any drivers flashed by the speed camera between Monday and Thursday won't be receiving an infringement. 

Work is now underway to change the camera back so its again triggered by drivers exceeding 60km/h. 


Concerns have been raised about the lack of signage, warning drivers about a speed limit change at a busy Newcastle intersection - which has a speed camera.

The speed limit for northbound motorists on Stewart Avenue has changed suddenly from 60km/h to 40km/h through the King Street intersection.

It appears the limit has been lowered due to road works, which are yet to start.

Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp says there's lack of signs advising of the change, causing motorists to still drive through the speed camera at 60km/h.

"Drivers are reporting the speed camera is constantly activating at the lower speed limit because drivers are not aware of the change," he said.

"Drivers should not be fined if adequate signage and notice has not been provided."

He's urged motorists to contact his office if they receive speeding fines.

KOFM has asked the RMS to clarify whether drivers will still be fined.

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