Drivers Urged To Watch For Animals On Roads

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Animals could take to the roads looking for food and water with the drought affecting their supply. 

Without a doubt, NSW is experiencing one of the worst droughts ever. This has seen more wildlife journeying onto roads looking for food and water, making it dangerous for animals and drivers. There's also the issue of recent fires which have destroyed animal habitats.


A/Director Operations Johnathon Crocker said animals might be looking to the roads for feeds which come from 'road surface water runoff'. This poses a risk to drivers with kangaroos and wallabies in particular taking to the roads.

“The large number of fires throughout the north of NSW has also had a significant impact on the availability of feed and water for native animals resulting in increased movement of wildlife,” he said.


We need to keep in mind animals can be hard to spot sometimes and are also unpredictable. Luckily there are warning signs about which should prompt you to slow down. Also be sure to keep your eyes on the road, but only break if it is safe to do so and never swerve.

If drivers see any injured wildlife call WIRES on 1300 094 737. Call NSW Police on 000 for livestock left unaccompanied.

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Jessica Ambler

24 September 2019

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Jessica Ambler

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