DROP IN CRIME around the Esperance-Goldfields Region

according to top police boss

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Crime is on the way down in the region with the number of reported offence nearly 1,200 less than this time last year, according to the Goldfields-Esperance District Police Acting Superintendent Brad Jackson.

The announcement was made by Brad Jackson on the Sean for Breakfast Show, which you can hear at the audio below towards the end


Although it is ‘really difficult’ to identify an obvious reason for the downturn in criminal activity, Mr. Jackson did point out some recent operations had been successful around Kalgoorlie and may have had a positive effect across the regions.

‘We’ve been quite agile in the way we respond to spikes, for instance we charged someone with ten burglaries and stealing offences. So it’s about us tracking the trends and responding appropriately to it.’

He also cited large meth busts around WA earlier this year, including in Perth and Bunbury, as being contributors.

‘Anything that’s high visibility obviously deters people from committing crimes. Also, it’s (the drug busts) got the added benefit of managing the traffic and people driving with drugs and alcohol in their system.’

There is a weak theory that illegal activity is affected by the cold weather of winter and crime hibernates until the temperature warms up. The Acting Superintendent dispelled this conspiracy.

‘There is that theory that winter does make crime drop but I haven’t seen it.’

The police have urged all Esperance and Goldfields residents to be vigilant when it comes to locking doors and windows of homes, as well as hiding valuables away from view in cars and keeping vehicles locked.

Sean Lindsay

6 June 2019

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Sean Lindsay

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