Drought Breakers Rain #1 On The Australian Rock Charts

All for a great cause

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Only 5 days after it’s release, Drought Breakers cover of Rain is #1 on the iTunes rock charts.

The cover featuring Scott Darlow, Sarah McLeod, Adam Brand, Jack Jones & Todd Hunter from Dragon is a project wanting to help the farmers affected by the current drought.

All proceeds from the sale of this single goes to Buy A Bale- drought relief charity.

Let's keep this great song at the top- get your copy of Rain by Drought Breakers here

More info on Buy-a-bale visit: www.buyabale.com.au  

The cover has reminded music lovers just how great Dragon’s 1984 hit is, that the original version has raced to #5 on the charts!

Catch up to Sarah McLeod talking about the project:

Cassie Walker

18 September 2018

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Cassie Walker

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