Dunsborough Seaside Scavenge

Trade Trash for Pre-Loved Treasure

12 November 2018

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The Dunsborough Seaside Scavenge is all about putting a value on litter!

So come down to the Dunsborough Forehore this Saturday, 17th November 2018, clean-up your community and trade the trash you collect with the funkiest of pre-loved threads, books and more in our pop-up market.

Thanks to the support of City of Busselton there'll be live tunes from local musos to lap up, conversations with local green groups to be had & all round change making action to get in on.

With 63 billion gallons of oil used annually in the US to produce plastic bottles, there's more to the plastic pollution issue than just cleaning up. So get ready to do more than just recycle, it's time to give single-use plastic the boot, start purchasing quality made garments over cheap synthetic ones and all round become a conscious participant on this planet.

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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