Eastern and Northern Suburbs To Cop Brunt Of Melbourne’s Wild Weather

Power outages expected

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More wild weather is on the way for Melbourne on Wednesday night and Thursday, with severe conditions hitting the Eastern and Northern suburbs.

The wind is set to peak at 100kms on Wednesday night, while a road weather alert has also been issued.

Wild weather to hit Melbourne

Keris Ardnt from the Weather Bureau says the Eastern and Northern suburbs are meant to bear the brunt of the rain.

“We will see showers on and off throughout the day and then that rain will really pick up up as we get into the evening. Melbourne itself is likely to get pretty wet especially through those Easter suburbs and Northern suburbs.”

James Walker from Citipower has warned people working from home, or relying on devices that power outages are likely.

“Charge your mobile phones and laptops, we understand that outages are really inconvenient, so preparing by having your key devices charged and ready to work is a really good step to prepare.”

Most of the state will experience severe weather conditions over the next few days.

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9 June 2021

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