Easy Steps For You To Make This Heatwave Weekend Easier For NQ Ambos

Keep an eye on loved ones

22 November 2018

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From Sunday temperatures across North Queensland will have us running for the aircon remote!

Extremely hot conditions will settle in for a couple of days for Ingham, Townsville, Ayr, Home Hill, and Bowen. 

During the heatwave increase your intake of water (beer won't help), and be sure to check on your elderly neighbours and loved ones who will need extra care (some think it has to be 50 before the AC goes on!)

Local ambos are concerned that this weekend could be one of their busiest weekends for 2018, but you can assist by taking care of yourself and loved ones. 

Queensland Ambulance's Senior Operations Supervisor Darren Pirir says there are warning signs to look out for. 

"Some of those early signs that you pick up, is that warning sign that I need to re-hydrate, and I need to probably sit in the shade, recover and get help if I need."

He strongly suggests staying hydrated, making sure you're in the shade as much as possible, and wearing protective clothing is important too. 


Check out the forecast below:

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Saturday 25-34
Sunday 26-35
Monday 27-37

Saturday 22-36
Sunday 23-39
Monday 24-40

Saturday 23-35
Sunday 24-36
Monday 24-41

Saturday 24-34
Sunday 25-34
Monday 25-39

Charters Towers
Saturday 21-39
Sunday 24-42
Monday 27-42

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