Eddie Dirties Up Talking To 'Mick Malthouse'

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28 February 2017

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On Triple M's The Hot Breakfast this morning, Darce and Mick surprised Ed with a very special guest.

Following last night's Magpies AGM, Mick Malthouse was inducted as a club life member - so they called up 'Mick' for a chat.

He immediately jumped on the front foot and suggested the timing of his induction as a Collingwood life member was suspicious.

"It’s taken you a while to welcome me back to the football club, and I just want to question your motives, mate," said 'Malthouse'.

"I didn’t want to do it last night because it was your moment and all the rest of it."

"But we’re in Bucks’ (Nathan Buckley) final year of his contract - are you trying warm me up to come back?"

"You signed Bucks last year, he won some practice games, you signed him up for life and all the rest of it. Mate, you haven’t signed him up yet this year?"

Ed was clearly unimpressed with the exchange, not offering a lot in reply. 'Mick' continued:

"I think I’ll be helping Roosy (Paul Roos) next year. From what I hear I’ll be sitting alongside Paul Roos - two veteran coaches there."

"Bucks is gone, and Malthouse and Roos as a combination. What do you reckon, Ed?" he asked.

"I reckon this is nearly over, Mick," replied McGuire.

The surprisingly-talkative Malthouse then took aim at new Magpie recruit Daniel Wells:

"Another thing, how’s Wells going, mate?"

"You know the player’s entrance? I’ve left my walking stick there in case he needs it. It’s got #3 on it."

Mick interjected, saying that Wells is aiming at 15 games to meet his quota.

"15 games on a 3-year contract, 5 a year I reckon," said 'Mick'.

Of course, the interview was once again the work of the brilliant impersonator David Scalzo - but Ed dirtied up nonetheless.

Listen to the hilariously awkward exchange below:

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