Eddie McGuire Addresses Steele Sidebottom's Four-Match Suspension


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Eddie McGuire has addressed Steele Sidebottom's four-game suspension for breaching the AFL's return to play protocols, telling Triple M's Hot Breakfast the Pies star will "cop his four weeks".

Sidebottom received a four-game ban for breaching the restrictions, sharing an Uber with teammate Lynden Dunn to console injured teammate Jeremy Howe, before Sidebottom went to a staff member's house in Williamstown.

McGuire said the suspension was "tough" but that Sidebottom has accepted his whack.

"We accepted it. We think it's on the very extreme end, and so do the players' association and so did everybody who was involved in discussions yesterday, and so did the AFL," he revealed.

"The point is that Steele himself has said 'no, we don't want to appeal'.

"(It's) an untimely (mistake), and one that we don't like, but we've accepted it. He'll cop his four weeks and so will the club accordingly, we've lost one of our best players."


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Ethan Meldrum

2 July 2020

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Ethan Meldrum

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