Eddie McGuire Explains How Coronavirus Has Spread In Victoria

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Eddie McGuire explained how coronavirus has spread in Victoria on the Hot Breakfast this morning.


“We know that the hotel quarantining of people coming in from overseas is clearly a hotspot,” Ed said.

“There’s so many people coming in and they’ve got it, so they go into quarantine and they recover… this is what’s been going on though.

“One of the clusters that has kicked from this I understand came about because one of the security guards, Darc, went down and let somebody who was supposed to be in quarantine outside for a smoke, and you know what they did?

“They shared a smoke! They shared a smoke.

“And the security guard got it from sharing a smoke, and then has gone back home and spread it amongst his family and everyone there.

“I know another story of another guard who was there who let out a young woman who was quaranting, who’d flown in, and he was chatting her up to be perfectly blunt, Darc, and she looked up at her friend upstairs, and was waving to her friend... and he said ‘I’ll take you upstairs, you can go and have a catch up if you like, and you know, I’d love to join you on Instagram.”

Ed also detailed how

“Here’s another situation, Darc. Another security guard went back and then their family had a major Ramadan dinner, at a time when it was still five, I think it was only five, let’s say 10.

“But it was over 30 people, and that’s what spread it to a couple of different parts of Melbourne… but people who went there were positive (for Covid-19), so that’s the big issue.

“It’s not just, ah, bit unlucky, these people were positive.

“The one that… I think underlines how these situations can be: a woman, who I believe to be a grandmother, Darc, hard working woman, and she picked it up from one of these family gatherings, ok, so she’s doing everything right.

“Now, when the authorities turned up at her house, she was quite scared. She wasn’t used to dealing with government officials.

“So when they said ‘where’ve you been, what have you been doing?’, she said ‘oh well, I work as a cleaner’.

“And they said ‘oh well, that’s great, who do you work for?’, she said ‘well I work through a cleaning agency’.

“What she didn’t tell anyone for two weeks, Darc, because she didn’t wanna get in trouble with the cleaning agency because she hadn’t been paying them their kick and she didn’t wanna get into trouble with the tax office because she’d been getting a cashy, she’d been doing some cashy jobs and didn’t tell anyone for two to three weeks.

“Which meant, the side gigs meant she was infecting the household and the people there, and that was why 33 yesterday, double digits the last couple of days before, because these knock on effects. “You get one and each one is now infecting 2.5 people rather than one on one, which is when you’ve got it under control.

“When it spikes to 2.5, and in that little anecdotal area there Darc, we went from one bloke sharing a smoke to maybe being involved with 30 people, then they go to school and they go to work, and then nan goes off and does the cleaning and bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, and suddenly you’ve got… one person with a smoke who’s in isolation, who shouldn’t have been anywhere near anybody else and away we go.

“That’s how it happens.”

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Triple M Staff

25 June 2020

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Triple M Staff

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