Eddie McGuire On Why Australian Crawl Are So Special To Him

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Australian Crawl were the biggest act in town when Eddie McGuire was a young bloke coming through and Eddie connected with the fact they were singing about things happening in their town - Mornington Peninsula.

Aussie Crawl really took the 80s to another level with The Boys Light Up, Errol, Reckess and Oh No Not You Again and their success proved to be unforgotten in years to come, having been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 1996.

Eddie McGuire has spoken about his connection with the band and why they're so important to him - Brad Robinson becoming a great friend and covering the funeral of Guy McDonough as a young journo. 

Here's what Eddie McGuire had to say about the great Aussie Crawl:


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Catch up on the announcement:

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1 December 2019

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