Eddie McGuire Reacts To John Worsfold's Essendon 'Backhander'

On the Hot Breakfast.

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Eddie McGuire has been taken aback by John Worsfold's comments surrounding Essendon over the weekend. 

Eddie only heard Worsfold's comments about Essendon getting no concessions for being a 'big name club' on the Hot Breakfast this morning. 

"Wow, wow, wow, wow. Play that again please Rosemary, I want to hear that again!" 

McGuire needed to hear the audio twice to process Woosha's comments.


"I reckon he's just left the greatest bomb of all-time behind with one game to go, he has absolutely smashed them on the way out the door," McGuire said.

"That is as big a backhander I've heard going out the door."

In case you missed it earlier this morning, Eddie also gave an update on the likelihood of Steele Sidebottom returning to the Magpies Hub. 

14 September 2020

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