Eddie McGuire Reveals The Full Story Behind His Visit To The Cloke Household

'I haven’t told this story ever in full'

25 October 2017

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Eddie McGuire has told the hilarious story about his visit to the Cloke household to sign up a young Travis.

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“I hosted the Logies the night before so I feel like I’ve had my head kicked in the next day,” Eddie said on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

“Neil Balme and Greg Swann came around to my place and we were driving out to Park Orchards, they didn’t have a farm (but) they had acreage out there and they do have lots of animals,” he said.

“We turn up and we know dad David, and the two boys Jason and Cameron were both and Collingwood but we were really looking forward to the third son - we knew Trav was going to be a great player for Collingwood,

“David is a very good negotiator so he’s geeing up Richmond because he qualifies for father-son (for both),

“So this was the big day, we go out to the Cloke household and I’m feeling like I’m jet lagged. So we sit down and Julie is there - Trav’s mum - who I’ve known since I was 17 years of age

“It’s all going on. There is a lot of conversation, the only person not in the room in Travis, we’ve got the two sisters, the two brothers, everyone is in the place.

“I zone out a little bit at one stage and the room went quiet and I look up and standing two feet in front of me, literally - is a horse!

“The horse had become so domesticated that it used to let itself in and grab an apple,”

“There’s Mr. Ed looking at Mr. Ed. Everyone is laughing - not at the horse but at my reaction - not thinking this is a normal thing,”

“So the horse turns around, leaves a couple of hoof marks on the carpet and walks out the door. I’ve gone ‘Am I hallucinating here. What have they put in my coffee?”

“So I sit there a bit longer and there is another pause and I feel this feeling on my ankles,”

“I look down and there are two turtles sticking their heads up the leg of my pants,”

“I’ve gone ‘This bloke better be able to play!,” Eddie joked.

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