Eddie McGuire's Plea For Footy To Go Ahead

On the Hot Breakfast.

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Eddie McGuire explained on the Hot Breakfast this morning why it is so important for the wider community for the footy season to go ahead. 

Putting aside the financial implications for the major stakeholders, McGuire made a case that the social release that footy gives millions of people around the country is hugely beneficial for society. 


McGuire said he was relieved to see the season given a glimmer of hope yesterday after the AFL announced the season would be reduced to 17 games. 

"My heart leapt when announcement came through yesterday because midway through the day it looked like the season was over. Suddenly it changed a little bit and there was some hope."

Eddie pointed out that through our toughest times that the game still continued & made reference to war times when the competition was a great escape for many people doing it tough. 


16 March 2020

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